Tomorrow is embryo transfer day.

You could also call it Groundhog Day, even though it’s not February.

Back on December 9, 2011, when I had Peanut transferred into my ready-and-waiting womb, my day went like this:

  • Get relaxing massage
  • Go to embryo transfer
  • Have one embryo put in (and only one!)
  • Name the embryo on its way in and let the crew know its name
  • Listen to Norah Jones for 30 minutes while we wait for the go-ahead to leave
  • Go home (driven by my trusty escort, my mother)
  • Rest up all day and be waited on hand and foot

My plan for tomorrow:

  • Get relaxing massage
  • Go to embryo transfer
  • Have one embryo put in (and only one!)
  • Name it on its way in (I’m not telling you its name yet!)
  • Listen to Norah Jones while we wait for the OK to leave
  • Go home (driven by my trusty husband)
  • Rest all day and be waited on hand and foot ๐Ÿ™‚

Am I being unreasonably superstitious? Probably. Am I going to chance it by doing something different than what worked last time? No frickin’ way.

Us gals going through ART are a superstitious bunch. Like basketball players who wear the same underwear for every game, or pro baseballers that refuse to shave as long as the win streak endures, we search for seemingly innocuous things to hang our successes upon.

Athletes are lucky — most of the time, they know why they won (or lost) the game. Talent, preparation, maybe a little luck. But we have no idea (most of the time) what made it work.

I have no idea what made December 9, 2011 work (while the September 2011 fresh cycle transfer failed). And to assuage myself from guilt if the whole thing goes south, I plan to mimic that day as closely as possible.

Hopefully, our New Embryo will snuggle in and make herself (himself?) at home.

Time will tell. Specifically, December 2.


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