About this blog

My blog started in 2011 when I was in the thick of trying to get pregnant.

I was frustrated with the unsolicited things people were saying to me when they heard we were trying (and failing) to get pregnant.

Nearly all of these clichés and “reassurances” are anything but reassuring. For me, they we infuriating. And I needed a platform to vent. This blog was that platform.

Alllll the infertility things

As we went through treatment, I blogged about the crappy stuff that goes along with trying, and failing, to get pregnant. Inseminations, pills, stirrups, shots in the ass, shots in the belly, more pills, pregnancy tests, medical procedures, in vitro fertilization… you get the drift.

As my favorite female comedian, Raleigh Weld, once said, “It’s not as easy as unwed teenagers make it look.” Very true.

And of course, the happy parts when things go well are covered too. Those are pretty awesome.

Now I’m a parent, which means I’ve got fun parenting stories to share as well. Some opinions on random topics. Occasionally I do an awesome DIY project and share that here, too. Good stuff happens, bad stuff happens… it’s all here.

Who this blog is for

If you have a loved one going through infertility — and in this day and age, I’d say that’s a lot of folks — this blog may help so you don’t put your foot squarely in your mouth (read my posts from June to December 2011).

If you like reading the thoughts of a random Midwestern mom, well then this is right up your alley.

Fair warning

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a warning: I’m not the same person now that I was in 2011, when I wrote a lot of this.

Having children changes you. In the interest of helping others, I left my infertility posts up on the blog, but they’re pretty angry.

Just like an old Disney movie that’s full of outdated cultural depictions, many of these posts are in disagreement with what I think and feel now.

But none of us would want to be judged by how we behaved during our darkest days. So keep that in mind as you read the old stuff, okay?

Thanks for reading!



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About Me

Hiya! I'm Lydia. I live in Iowa with my husband and two children, both the result of iVF. I started this blog in 2011, so everything here's a wee bit... old. I don't do a ton of writing anymore... but I'm leaving the blog up, in case it's helpful for those who stumble across it.

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If you're going through infertility and want to see our journey, start in June 2011 (first two cycles) or January 2014 (third cycle). Hopefully reading about our rollercoaster with assisted reproduction brings you a little hope, and more than a few giggles. (Keep in mind that this information is over a decade old in most cases; please don't take anything you read here as medical advice. Consult your doctor for facts.)

Affiliate Disclosure

PeanutMom.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and the TGuard affiliate program. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.