Infertility & Trying to Conceive (aka “Before IVF”)

A look inside the head of a girl who’s trying to get pregnant, in preparation for and leading up to in Vitro Fertilization. I’ll warn you now, especially before our first cycle, it’s not always pretty.


Ride along as we do our first fresh cycle. Spoiler alert! You’ll get to hear about two frozen cycles, too. Did you know In Vitro literally means “under glass”? Yes, I watch too much Jeopardy.


Success! And now, the trials and tribulations of growing a human or two.


Pretty self-explanatory. But because I watch the news, I’ll explain: it’s me yapping about parenting.


When it doesn’t fit anywhere else, it goes in here. A sampling: traveling with kids, why I’m not surprised Trump was elected, Iowa State Fair survival guide, self-doubt, and boatloads more!

What Not to Say to Infertiles

People say a lot of things they shouldn’t to infertile women. They give bad advice or say horribly insensitive things. I had it up to here, so I started collecting the stupid shit people said to me and vented about it here.