When something sucks, you’ve got to laugh about it.

Seriously. Laughter, making fun of it, making fun of yourself, and seeing the funny side is the best coping mechanism there is.

Which is how this blog came to be, created by the wonderful and talented Rob after a half-hearted mention of the topic on my Facebook.

My Status: “I should write a book: ‘What to Say When Your Loved One Can’t Get Knocked Up: Cliches and Insensitive Words to Avoid.’ It’s amazing how many people say exactly the wrong thing.  🙂 Their hearts are in the right place though.”

So my buddy Rob up and made me a blog so I could vent what I am thinking. I’ll elaborate on the many inappropriate, insensitive things that people say to women who are struggling to get pregnant.

Yes, I understand that this may not go over well with everyone. But it’s okay. This blog’s audience is not “everyone.” It’s women who are going through this themselves… who’ve been there.

In most cases though, it’s better to say nothing. Better to say you’re sorry, and ask if there’s anything you can do to help.  And hopefully my blog will explain why.

Why stop now? Keep reading, friend.

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