On being grateful

Dec 12, 2014

I had this big giant blog post all written, trying to articulate exactly how I felt last Saturday night. (Needless to say I wasn’t in a good place that night. We all have those moments. It’s just that I tend to sit down with my laptop and word vomit when I feel that way. And then post it for the world to read.)

Last Saturday, I was feeling down and out. Then I read this from one of my favorite writers. Here’s a big giant clickable link:

I Am Grateful, But That’s Not the Point

She nailed it. And she’s a much better writer than me. So I’ll let her tell it.

And I’ll append to it by saying that we have a right to complain sometimes. Just because we complain does not mean we aren’t grateful.

I am always grateful. But I am also tired. I am also frustrated. I am lonely (sometimes) and overwhelmed.

And all of that is okay. This feeling, too, shall pass.




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