Why Facebook gives me anxiety

Why does Facebook feel the need to bombard me with reminders of all the horrible things that could befall my children? I did not ask for this information, so STOP TELLING ME, because I’m going insane.

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Point it down, son

Squeak will be three years old next month, and he’s nowhere near potty trained. I might have conceived both my kids at the same time, from the same set of eggs and sperm, but when it comes to potty time, they couldn’t be more different.

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To the mom in the trenches: it gets easier

When you feel like you cannot go on another minute, because it’s all just too much, remember this: you’re in the trenches right now. You won’t stay there. And it does get better. Here’s a story to explain how it did so for me.

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My new gym routine: an update [with pictures!]

It’s been four and a half months since I started a new workout regimen, and a lot has changed. My moods, my sleep, my mental state, my weight, and most definitely my confidence. At the risk of being “that girl who won’t shut up about working out,” here’s what’s happened since I kicked off a re-dedication to my own health.

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My embryo donation happy ending

One miscarriage and two chemical pregnancies resulted from our three donated embryos. Our recipients were heartbroken and beaten down. But a few months later, the universe served up a couple of big surprises.

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A sheltered [food] life

I made it 37 years before trying a brussel sprout. It was easy to avoid them. The first 19 years of my life, a brussel sprout never once entered the doors of my childhood home. My sheltered childhood diet is at the root of many of my food aversions (and I have lots). But I’m determined to break the cycle, right here and now.

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Air travel with babies & toddlers: car seats and the CARES harness

When it comes to airplane travel with kids, there are two options: Take the easy way out with lap-baby or no car seat (and take your chances with your child’s life and safety), OR do it the hard way, even though it’s a bit more inconvenient, and take along a car seat or harness. For the parents who choose the no-brainer “keep my kid alive” option, here are some tips to survive a flight when your kiddo needs a few more buckles.

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World War Food: An Update

We’re one year into Operation Picky-Eatin’ Toddlers. Using strategies from the feeding specialist, we’ve made huge strides over the last year. But not without some major roadblocks along the way.

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My four-and-a-half-year gym hiatus

From 2011 through 2015, I paid almost no attention to my physical health. I was completely absorbed in the task of making and raising tiny humans. It’s time to rebalance and find some semblance of fitness again.

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Hiya! I'm Lydia, aka Peanut Mom. I live in Iowa with my husband and two pretty amazing iVF babies, both the result of frozen transfers. My daughter "Peanut" is five and my son "Squeak" is three. They keep things interesting and more than a little chaotic. Here I write about infertility, parenting, embryo donation, and life's absurdity with a big helping of humor. Welcome!

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